Irwin shines in GLORY debut win over scrappy Skinner

Irwin shines in GLORY debut win over scrappy Skinner

Saturday, Feb 02 2019 by Rob Tatum

Eighteen-year-old super-bantamweight sensation Bekah Irwin (5-2, 1 KO) took on former boxer and MMA fighter Stephanie Skinner (0-1) on the GLORY 63 SuperFight Series.

Skinner came forward and tried to close the distance. Irwin countered with push kicks to establish range. A head kick attempt from Irwin was just blocked by Skinner and Irwin missed with a spinning backfist. 

A kick from Irwin found the body of Skinner as she came forward. Skinner walked Irwin to the corner, but ate a variety of shots to close the frame.

Irwin opened up in the second round, countering with knees as Skinner got into boxing range. A right hand from Skinner landed and was quickly answered with more knees from Irwin. 

Skinner kept a high guard and was able to block the majority of Irwin’s head kick techniques, but late in the round one got through and wobbled Skinner for a moment. Irwin flurried for a finish, but Skinner showed her toughness to fight through it.

Another spinning backfist from Irwin missed to start round three. Skinner fired with power, cracking Irwin with a heavy left hook. Irwin was undeterred, keeping her distance with push kicks. 

Blood poured from the nose of Skinner from the knees of Irwin. A straight right from Irwin slowed the advance of Skinner, but only for a brief moment. Skinner launched a superwoman punch, but Irwin was able to evade. Skinner pushed the action until the final bell.

When the scorecards were revealed, it was the hometown fighter Irwin who earned the decision nod.

“I feel great. It was good. Thank you all for the support,” Irwin told the Houston crowd.

Bekah Irwin def. Stephanie Skinner by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)