Glunder styles on Taranaki, cruises to lopsided decision win

Glunder styles on Taranaki, cruises to lopsided decision win

Saturday, Aug 11 2018 by Rob Tatum

In the GLORY 56 main-card opener, featherweight Massaro Glunder (31-11-4, 20 KO’s) took on New Zealand’s Quade Taranaki (6-5).

Glunder used his jab effectively early. His footwork allowed him to stay out of the range of Taranaki. A hard right hand and knee found the body of Taranaki. Glunder delivered a right hand kick that found the jaw of Taranaki and sent him crashing to the mat. 

After the knockdown, Taranaki was forced to shell up and defend an onslaught from Glunder. Just as the round was about to end, a knee from Glunder got through the guard of Taranaki and dropped him a second time.

Taranaki threw with volume to open round two, but Glunder easily evaded and countered with punches along the ropes. A step-in knee from Glunder connected with the head of Taranaki, who simply smiled at the punishment. 

Glunder was patient with his attack, flurrying when Taranaki left himself exposed. Another massive head kick, followed by a front kick resulted in a third knockdown for Glunder to close the second frame.

A jumping switch kick from Glunder greeted Taranaki at the start of the final round. Taranaki took the strike, but his offense was largely nonexistent. 

Glunder teed off with combinations, scoring with a heavy kick on the exit. Glunder tried to find a finish, but Taranaki’s toughness carried him to the final bell.

There was no doubt when the scorecards were read as Glunder claimed the one-sided win.

Massaro Glunder def. Quade Taranaki by unanimous decision (30-24 x3)