Fairtex Named Official Glove Provider of GLORY Kickboxing

Fairtex Named Official Glove Provider of GLORY Kickboxing

Wednesday, Jan 31 2018

GLORY, the world’s premier stand-up combat league, today announced a global equipment partnership with Fairtex, engineers of the top performing boxing and Muay Thai gloves.

As the kickboxing leader’s official glove provider, Fairtex will outfit all GLORY athletes on fight night, beginning immediately with GLORY 50 Chicago next month and extending to every live event held during the multi-year partnership.

“Two of the most well-known brands in combat sports are joining forces, but this announcement represents much more than that,” said Jon J Franklin, GLORY Chief Development Officer. “We strive as an organization to put on the biggest and best fights possible, with our world-class athletes setting an incredible standard for excellence. With Fairtex as a partner supporting that endeavor, the fighters can perform with confidence that their equipment is held to the same standard of excellence.”

As part of the partnership, Fairtex will be prominently featured throughout GLORY’s massive global network, including presence on the promotion’s broadcast and digital platforms and logo placement on marketing materials and at live events.

“As companies, both GLORY and Fairtex have been unceasingly committed to pursuing the passion of combat sports, “said Philip Wong, Fairtex Chairman and Founder. “We’ve long felt that Fairtex should be part of the best kickboxing events worldwide, so I’m honored to finally be working with GLORY to make that a reality.”

PHOTO GALLERY: Click here for a first look at the official GLORY fight glove by Fairtex.

In order to create the official GLORY fight glove, Fairtex started with their classic lace-up design, worn by the world’s top strikers. Then, the padding was reshaped in order to achieve consistent weight throughout and a lighter overall feel. Finally, to maximize safety, thumb stitching was removed from the glove body. The result was a seamless piece of leather, expertly joined to the glove wrist with flat stitching that denotes the glove’s unparalleled craftsmanship.

Wong added: “Tremendous time and effort has been put into redesigning our professional fight gloves exclusively for GLORY, yielding the best Fairtex product ever made.”

GLORY and Fairtex will also work together in the future to create co-branded equipment for retail sale.