'Chopper Chi' sinks 'Moe the Pirate' in heavyweight clash

'Chopper Chi' sinks 'Moe the Pirate' in Heavyweight clash

Wednesday, Jul 12 2017

There was a lot of talk exchanged between 'Chopper' Chi Lewis-Parry and Maurice 'Moe the Pirate' Greene in the run-up to this fight. The notoriously vocal Lewis-Parry promised to “sink him” and said he would “beat him so bad he will have to get a pirate eye-patch to cover his whole face”.

Greene isn't averse to playing the trash-talk game either, making observations on Lewis-Parry's “terrible” mechanics and accusing him of having an overinflated sense of his own abilities, relative to his professional experience.

At the weigh-ins there was some pushing and shoving between the two, with Greene putting his fist in Lewis-Parry's face to spark it off. By the time they arrived in the ring for the main event of the GLORY 32 VIRGINIA SUPERFIGHT SERIES card, there was plenty of heat and they were eager to put their hands on each other.

As expected, it did not take long for the action to begin. As soon as the bell rang they came forward to engage and, after a brief feeling out period, bombs were soon being exchanged back and forth. Lewis-Parry recently joined American Kickboxing Academy and has spent several months training alongside UFC champions and contenders like Daniel Cormier and Cain Velasquez. Greene's criticism of his mechanics soon began to look misplaced as Lewis-Parry looked sharper and fitter than ever before.

Sure enough, towards the end of the first round Lewis-Parry connected with a big right hand which sent Greene staggering backwards across the ring. Greene bounced off the ropes and came back towards Lewis-Parry only to take a 1-2, the second half of which knocked him down. It was a crushing blow and the fight looked to be over; Lewis-Parry at first thought he had scored a walk-off KO but had not accounted for Greene's sheer heart and determination.

Greene forced himself back to his feet. With only seconds left in the round he was able to shell up and fight defensively until the bell rang and bought him a minute to recover. But there was no let-up in pressure from Lewis-Parry when the fight restarted. Heavy exchanges took place before Greene was backed onto the ropes again and this time took a right uppercut/left hook combination. The uppercut was already enough to drop him but the left hook was so close behind that it sealed the deal. Greene went down hard and this time would not be getting up.

Lewis-Parry now rises to 3-1 in GLORY with all three wins by way of knockout. Afterwards the showman took the microphone to take aim at heavyweight champion Rico 'The Prince' Verhoeven, calling him “boring” and saying that the heavyweight division “needs a king, not a prince”. He may be a way off from a title shot just yet but if he keeps needling Verhoeven then the champion may well decide to grant his request. As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for. Verhoeven may not be the charismatic motormouth that Lewis-Parry is, but he is one of the most articulate strikers in the sport.