35-8-0 (20 KO)
Benjamin 'Mr. Gentleman' Adegbuyi
Current Rank
#7 Heavyweight
198 CM / 6'5"
Romania Romania
121.3 KG / 267 LBS
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'Mr. Gentleman'

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0-0-0 (0 KO) Romania

GLORY Fans' Vote - Fight of the Year (vs. Jahfarr Wilnis at GLORY 62 ROTTERDAM)

GLORY 62 ROTTERDAM - 8-Man Heavyweight Grand Prix Runner-up

Winner - GLORY 50 CHICAGO Heavyweight Contender Tournament

Winner - GLORY 35 NICE Heavyweight Contender Tournament

Winner - GLORY 24 DENVER Heavyweight Contender Tournament

A towering powerhouse from the infamous Transylvani region of Romania, 'Mr Gentleman' Benjamin Adegbuyi holds the distinction of being the only fighter in any weight class to ever have won three GLORY Contender Tournament competitions.

Adegbuyi's father, a university professor, came to Romania from Nigeria and as a youngster Benjamin and his sister spent some years living there before returning to Romania once again.

In his high school years Adegbuyi practised karate and boxing. A few years later after he finished school, the family relocated to the capital city of Bucharest. There he discovered kickboxing, but it was not until his early 20s that he really began training seriously in the sport.

Once he did, he soon shot up the rankings. Romania has a strong kickboxing circuit, so making it to the top there means something. Adegbuyi's success continued when he began facing international competition and when he went 5-0 in 2013, with wins over the likes of Sergei Lascenko and Ismael Londt, he got a call-up from GLORY.

Adegbuyi's arrival in GLORY was heralded by none other than Rico Verhoeven, who told anyone who would listen that Adegbuyi was a future contender. Sure enough, Adegbuyi blasted his way up the rankings, beating Hesdy Gerges, Mladen Brestovac, Jahfarr Wilnis and Anderson Silva along the way.

He secured title shots against Verhoeven on two separate occasions but was unable to overcome 'The King of Kickboxing'. In a twist of fate, the two then became good friends and then training partners, with Adegbuyi joining Verhoeven's team in 2016 to train under head coach Dennis Krauweel.