Jamal Ben Saddik issued with disciplinary suspension

Published on Aug 21, 2014

Jamal Ben Saddik has today been issued with a six-month suspension for his conduct in a match with Hesdy Gerges on June 29.

The match took place in Azerbaijan during a non-GLORY event. GLORY had given Ben Saddik and Gerges had been given permission to take part in the event outside of their exclusive contracts. Ben Saddik was disqualified twenty seconds into the heavyweight fight after forcing Gerges to the floor then continuing to attack, a serious breach of the Unified Rules of Kickboxing.

Today a GLORY disciplinary panel - consisting of staff from GLORY’s legal, regulatory and talent relations departments - informed Ben Saddik in writing that he is suspended for his conduct.

“GLORY will on occasion give permission to fighters to take part in third-party events. But when they do so, they are still bound by GLORY rules and regulations, this is part of the agreement,” said Cor Hemmers, Head of Talent Operations.

“In their contracts with GLORY, fighters agree to abide by the company’s rules and regulations. Failure to do so is a breach of their agreement with the company and leaves the fighter open to disciplinary action.

“Mr. Ben Saddik breached his agreement with GLORY and also conducted himself in a manner liable to bring the sport into disrepute. For this reason a multi-department disciplinary panel was convened, leading to today’s action against Mr. Ben Saddik.”

Hemmers also noted that Ben Saddik’s contract with GLORY will expire during the suspension term, which will mean he is out of contract when the suspension expires. “It is possible he will be invited to return to the GLORY ranks in the future, but only if the disciplinary committee is confident that June’s behavior will never be repeated.” 

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