Mwekassa Stops Barry In First Round

Published on May 4, 2014

Tension was high in the air as Pat ‘HD’ Barry (16-6-1, 10 KO’s) made his entrance at GLORY 16 DENVER to face Zack Mwekassa.

The home fighter and crowd favorite received big cheers on his way to the ring while Mwekassa, who entered first, prowled around waiting for him; it was clear this fight wasn’t going to go the distance.

Mwekassa (11-1, 10 KO’s) having a boxing background meant that kicking seemed a good route to go. Barry planted a few hard ones on Mwekassa’s lead leg but was being very careful about his entries, wary of running into a counter-punch as he delivered the kick.

When the two got into exchanges and Mwekassa did let his hands go, it was clear he had the power to do damage. Barry was forced to take a knee and an eight count after eating a particularly hard uppercut.

However, Barry also looked close to ending the fight in the first round when he landed a big head kick which rocked Mwekassa and staggered him backwards.

Barry rushed him immediately, swarming with punches and looking for the finish. Mwekassa covered up under a heavy barrage and weathered the storm before throwing a counter left hook which landed cleanly and stopped Barry’s forward pressure.

Mwekassa got back into the fight and started piling the pressure on. As Barry retreated Mwekassa bounded forward, throwing a huge left uppercut with his entire bodyweight behind it. That was the end - Barry took the punch full-force and hit the canvas, knocked out.

“I took a few kicks at first, including a head kick, but I was like ‘OK, I can take this,’” Mwekassa said afterwards.

“I could tell I was hurting him with some punches I was landing and then when he had to take a knee and an eight-count, I knew it was time to put the pressure on and take advantage of the opening.”

Barry had gone in as the underdog thanks to his background as a kickboxer, though that perhaps owed something to Mwekassa being rather unknown.

“Mwekassa wasn’t a big name going into this fight but we knew he was dangerous,” said matchmaker Cor Hemmers, GLORY Head of Talent Operations.

“He has some big knockouts on his record and now he has the biggest of his career. It was a good debut for him and we already have some names in mind for his next fight.

“Barry will be out of competition for at least sixty days, medical suspension, but of course he gets another chance in GLORY as well. We will have some news on his next opponent in the near future.”

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