Karapetyan and Stetsurenko will settle differences at GLORY 10

Published on Aug 9, 2013

Two welterweight contenders will collide at GLORY 10 as Karapet Karapetyan and Alexander Stetsurenko meet in the ring for a second time.

Stetsurenko (48-7, 24 KO’s), of Russia, is ranked #2 at 77kg/170lbs in the official GLORY World Series rankings. Karapetyan (41-8-2, 4 KO’s), born in Armenia but based in Holland, is ranked #5.

“Stetsurenko was ranked number one in this weight category until Nieky Holzken beat Karim Ghaji at GLORY 6 in April and earned enough points to take first place,” says GLORY matchmaker Cor Hemmers.

“Stetsurenko is a very difficult challenge for anyone. According to Artem Levin he’s the most difficult fighter he’s ever faced.”

Their first fight took place last year at a Muay Thai event in Stetsurenko’s native Russia. It ended with a draw, though Karapetyan vehemently disagrees with the result and says it should have been a victory in his favor.

Stetsurenko, second only to wrecking machine Nieky Holzken in the world rankings, takes the opposite view. The two will settle their difference of opinion at the Citizens Bank Arena in Los Angeles, California on September 28.

“Karapetyan thinks he has already beaten him once, however, and as he doesn’t agree with the result he got in Russia he is looking forward to this rematch to try and get a clear victory,” remarks Hemmers.

“With Stetsurenko being ranked #2, there is a lot for Karapetyan to gain if he wins, not least that he would climb higher in the rankings.”

But there is more than pride on the line. The result of this fight will also have implications for participation in the upcoming Welterweight World Championship Tournament, a competition neither man wants to miss out on.

Stetsurenko is one of the new wave of Russian fighters breaking out onto the world scene via the GLORY World Series. Hard-hitting, relentless and utterly fearless, he is also highly unorthodox. Opponents can never be sure what he will do next.

He has a professional rivalry with fellow Russian standout Artem Levin, currently ranked #1 in the GLORY middleweight division, and they each hold wins over the other.

Karapetyan was born in Armenia. In his early teens his parents the aftermath of war forced his parents to leave their homeland and settle in the Netherlands.

An outstanding academic student, Karapetyan took up kickboxing just before leaving high school as he wanted to challenge himself physically.

He maintained his studies even as he threw himself into the sport of kickboxing and is now in the enviable position of holding a master’s degree in law and a top-five ranking spot in the GLORY World Series.

GLORY 10 takes place at the Citizen’s Bank Arena in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, September 28.

With a one-night, four-man middleweight tournament and a host of world-class superfights on the card, it’s a night of action no fight fan can afford to miss. Tickets are on sale now via prices starting at just $35.

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