Murthel Groenhart has no regrets: "Protect yourself at all times!"

Published on Jun 15, 2017

Murthel Groenhart stopped Harut Grigorian in controversial fashion at GLORY 42 and then had to contend with two Grigorian fans storming the ring to attack him, prompting chaotic scenes for several minutes.

It all started with Groenhart landing a knee to Grigorian's head and Grigorian then turning away and starting to walk back to his corner. The referee had not intervened to stop the fight, however, and so Groenhart followed Grigorian and threw a looping shot to his jaw from the rear, knocking him out.

“Protect yourself at all times,” is what referees warn fighters at the beginning of a bout and Groenhart says that he has no regrets about the KO or the manner in which he scored it.

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