Gerges on Lewis-Parry: “I cannot lose to this guy, it's not possible”

Published on Mar 15, 2017

Heavyweight veteran Hesdy Gerges (49-18-1, 23 KO's) will face Chi Lewis-Parry (8-1, 4 KO's) at GLORY 39 BRUSSELS next week. It's a match of veteran versus relative newcomer; for Lewis-Parry it would be his first win over a recognized big name in the division.

Gerges feels like the inverse is also true – the idea of losing to Lewis-Parry is for him unconscionable. “I cannot lose to this guy, its not possible. He is really low ranked and not my level,” he says.

“This time no mistakes, no jokes. This one is serious. I really want this one. No chance to lose this one.”

Gerges is aware that Lewis-Parry is looking to climb the rankings as fast as he can and knows that he has been asking GLORY for name match-ups. The British heavyweight is looking to accelerate his climb by adding Gerges' name to his win record.

“He's already called out Rico [Verhoeven, champion] but he needs to fight his way up there. So I guess GLORY gave him the chance to fight against a bigger name by matching him with me, to try and make a name from me. But that's just extra motivation for me, believe me, I am really motivated for this one,” he says.

That said, Gerges does not detect any disrespect coming from his opponent's direction. Lewis-Parry has raised his profile by way of mercilessly trash-talking most of his past opponents, but Gerges has thus far escaped censure.

“He has always a big mouth – not against me, he hasn't said bad things, he respects me – but in the past I have seen where he has said bad things to his opponent or bad things about his opponent. He hasn't done that to me, but I don't like it anyway, it's not my style,” he says.

One thing Lewis-Parry has said when talking about this upcoming encounter is that because he has had the advantage of watching Gerges “for years”, he is confident he can “make him walk onto that big right hand again and again”.

Gerges isn't convinced.

“Ha! OK man. I have been knocked out exactly one time in my career, by Daniel Ghita, so I wish him good luck with that. If I was him I would probably choose another strategy, I don't think that one is going to work,” he says.

Another layer of motivation for Gerges is provided by his bad run of luck last year. He was on the receiving end of more than one questionable decision over the course of 2016 and ended the year on a losing streak.

He was particularly upset with the decision loss to Guto Inocente at GLORY 33 NEW JERSEY. Inocente is also fighting on the GLORY 39 BRUSSELS card, against Jamal Ben Saddik, and Gerges would not object to a rematch with the Brazilian if it becomes available this year.

“Actually I think Guto and Jamal will have a boring fight. Jamal will be walking forward and Guto will be moving around trying to get away and Jamal is be too slow to react as fast as Guto does. So I think Guto will win on points,” he says.

“I do want that rematch. It's not like I am focused on it or that I think about it all the time but if I can get the opportunity to rematch that guy I would take it.

“Yeah there were some bad decisions against me last year... but the past is in the past. Right now my focus is on winning this fight and then to just keep winning. I would really like to get a shot against Rico at some point this year, that's a fight I would really like. But again I am not focused on that, only on this fight next week.”

GLORY 39 BRUSSELS takes place Saturday, March 25 at the Vorst National Arena in Brussels, Belgium. Tickets are on sale now at

Gerges and Lewis-Parry fight on the GLORY 39 SUPERFIGHT SERIES section of the card, which airs live worldwide on UFC FIGHT PASS. Lightweight champion Sitthichai headlines in a title defense rubber match against Dylan Salvador.

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